Been living most of life living in a deviant's paradise.

  • Yesterday I felt claustrophobic in the city and I was walking down the street at 9 30 at night so I put my headphones on and danced crazily all the way home to “Time of Dark” by Tune-Yards and I got a couple of smiles and high fives from drunk people and it was fantastic. Why tf do people not dance down the street if they wanna?

  • multicolors:

    We live in a world where it’s more acceptable to dislike yourself and openly say “I am ugly” rather than actually appreciate yourself and openly say “I am attractive” because how dare you feel good in your skin and say it out loud, what an awful human being you are, you can’t walk around thinking you’re good, you piece of shit.

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  • Anonymous


    I really like being cooked for. Like, a guy that knows how to cook great food and looks good while he’s cooking it for me is in

    Also when a guy makes me laugh all night I’d def hit him up again

  • presentreign

    I think I do. I’d have a lot more conviction but it’s all based on speculation. My open minded stance on reincarnation comes from my belief that we are more than our physical bodies and that our essence or spirit never dies as energy cannot be created or destroyed.

    Plus, it’s very romantic to think that we have multiple lives and journeys.

  • There is no other way to watch anime than with Japanese audio and English subs okay